Interactive data journalism by newspapers

Screenshot of interactive budget by The Guardian

Screenshot of interactive tool where you decide on the government budget (source: the Guardian)

British newspaper the Guardian is very active in data journalism. Last month they published this “Comprehensive spending review: you make the cuts”.

The coalition says it must slash billions from public spending to tackle the UK’s growing budget deficit. George Osborne’s comprehensive spending review has revealed where the axe will fall. But should he cut as deep? And is he cutting the right things? Use this tool to conduct your own spending review.

The tool enables you to select your own cuts in the budget and uses a treemap to visualize the total government budget.

The reader becomes an user

I do like the way the Guardian uses data to create insights. The interactive budget tool makes smart use of public available budget data of the British government. For sure over the coming years more and more newspapers will start using data to create insights for their readers. Maybe I should not use the word reader, since by publishing with the help of interactivity the reader becomes an user. A user who can create his/her own insights using the available data.

iPad and other Pads enable interactive use of data

Over the coming years I do expect a growth in newspapers who start using interactive tools. Many traditional print publishers recently embraced the iPad, a device which pre-eminently supports interactive use of data. The traditional publishers probably do not love the iPad for the interactive data reason. But they think the Pad brings the internet closer to traditional print and the expect to be able to make money in the app stores like iTunes and Android Market. This might also be true, but for sure the move to pads will enable interactive use of data in journalism.

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