Big Brother is watching your telecom use.

Number of "Big Brother" requests for data on phone use per 1000 citizens split by country (source: Bits Of Freedom)

Found this press report showing the results of research on how often “Big Brother” asks telecom providers for the details on phone calls made by individual subscribers. The graph shows the differences between European countries. This is a so called pareto chart: sorted bars from big to small. The height of each bars indicates the number of requests per thousand citizens.

In which country do you prefer to live?

Immediately you can see there is something going on in the country represented by the left bar: the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the ministry of justice very easily allows investigators to collect and use the personal data of citizens. The collected data contains who is contacting whom, where and when. Of course the reason to do so is to fight crime an terrorism. Whether more data actually leads to better investigation results is unknown. More and less focused data always has the risk of proving and/or finding something which is not there.

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