Start of 2011: time to give presents is over

Google Trends shows the time for presensts is over after Christmas.

Looking back at the year 2010 in Google Trends shows the time to give each other presents is over. The chart shows the search volume for the word present over the year 2010. The volume starts to increase in September and keeps on growing. Immediately after Christmas the volume drops to lowest point in the whole year.

The graph also shows in summertime (July and August) people are not looking for presents. This seems to be a pattern for holidays: around Easter (April 4th) and mid of February you can see a volume decrease as well.

Note the markers A till F given by Google don’t mean anything at all. The markers represent news items which could explain the volume. For example the F stands for the news “Stryker to Present at Investor Conference” which clearly has nothing to do with buying presents. So data interpretation by computers is not always accurate… be careful.

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