Easy interactive data visualization with Choosel

Snapshot of Choosel: create interactive visualizations in a couple of clicks.

Looking for an easy way for visual data analysis? Take a moment to meet Choosel. Last week I discovered Choosel, a tool for visual data exploration. Upload your data set and within a couple of mouse clicks you have a guided analysis with bar charts, scatterplots and/or map charts, which allows you to drill down through the data and create new insights.

Choosel is open source framework and available under the Apache License 2.0. It’s demo looks and feels very much like Spotfire and Tableau, the two popular commercial data exploration tools. But since Choosel was released only recently, it is still under development and not as functional as the commercial software.

What I like about Choosel, is the focus on making it easy to use for a novice in data analysis. It was tested on complete dummies in data analysis. They were given assignments to fulfill with Choosel tot check how intuitive the tool is.

This focus is not so surprising. Because Choosel was developed by Lars Grammel at University of Victoria, Canada. He is working within the CHISEL group, which amongst others focuses on usability and computer interaction.

Want to see Choosel? Watch the videos on the developers site and check out the demo.

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