The Data Alchemist

About the Data Alchemist

This website is about the use of data to create and share insights. Here you can find appealing examples of insight by the use of data, the results of my own data projects and information on how to become a Data Alchemist yourself.

The focus of the website is on the use of open data to get insights in the performance and behavior of governments, companies and society. I do call this Society Intelligence (SI). It’s the counterpart of Business Intelligence (BI), which is done by companies and governments in closed environments.

What is Data Alchemy?

Data visualization is like making golden jewelry.

Data alchemy is just like making beautiful golden jewelry out of nothing. The process consists of three steps: data retrieval, data transformation and data visualization. In those three steps a mixture of tough and precise work is done, by applying different tools and skills.

This website is also about the skills and tools to create the golden jewelry. This might help you in your own Data Alchemy projects. I do invite you to enjoy, re-use and comment the examples shown on my site.

How a bet started this site

For sure the idea to start this site is inspired by the frequent meet-ups on new (business) ideas I have with one of my best friends who is heavily into multi media publishing and mobile solutions.

Last meet-up we made a bet: both of us will start a blog before the end of October 2010. Why a blog? To make the step from talking about ideas to the realization of ideas. And to share what’s on our minds and comes to live during those meet-ups.

So here it is: my part of the deal. Interested in the other half of the bet? Check out Mobile Marketeers, a blog on Cross Media Marketing & Mobile.

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