Video: presentation on data visualization

David McCandless on stage at TED talk on data visualization

Watch this TED talk on the beauty of data visualization by David McCandless. The talk was given in July 2010 at TED Global Oxford. You can find and watch more of David’s work on his site.

David, thanks for to great work and keep on sharing it.

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Which jobs are paid by your tax?

Aggregate Dutch public paid salaries above prime minister level shown by job title and in 1000 euros.

Update: click here for complete project release.

Interested in where your tax money goes? Just finished the first preview of an upcoming collection of visualizations on public paid slaries in Holland. This picture shows the public paid salaries, in case the salary is above the level of the salary of the prime minister (called Balkenende norm, naemd after former dutch prime minister). Each bubble represents a group of jobs with the same title. The size of the bubble corresponds to the aggregate 2008 salaries (x 1000 euro).

Medical specialist are definitely the one earning the most. Starting with the academic ones which have an aggregate salary of almost 90 million euro’s. Full interactive version of the visualization can be found on Many Eyes.

Within a couple of days more insights on how your tax is spent will appear.

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Extract data from tables in pdf documents

Example of pdf document which contains a table.

The web offers many interesting documents in Adobe pdf format. Quite often the documents do contain nice tables of data. To visualize this data the way I like to, I first need to extract the data from the pdf document and store it in a processable format. For example Excel or comma separated values (csv). Here is an example of how I did this. Continue reading

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Public paid salaries: where is your tax going?

Screenshot of animation by Zembla on public paid salaries.

Last night I was watching Zembla, a documentary program on Dutch national television. The documentary “Balkenende norm top 2000” did show a nice example of insight by data: higher top salary has negative impact on the performance of an organization!

Note: click here for more insights, the release of my own project.

Continue reading

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