Tax paid salaries

Poster on Dutch tax paid salaries

About the poster

Poster is visualization of Dutch reports on top salaries paid by tax money. Reports are a long list of all individual salaries which are higher than the salary of the Dutch prime minister. This salary level is called Balkenendenorm, after former prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

The image bubbles represent sectors of organizations funded by tax money. In each graph the surface of a bubble corresponds to the amount of euro’s (except in the middle two graphs).

Tax paid salaries: visualization of Dutch report

Story on the poster

Clearly in health care are the most individuals with top salaries. But the highest mean salary is in the public broadcasting sector. Highest individual salary is in health care sector: the chairman of a mental health care organization. Maybe he/she should be taken care of?

Over the past years in many debates in Dutch parliament, a majority of the politicians says “this should stop”. What’s the result of all those debates and the open publication of the top salaries?

In 2009, the year after the big financial crisis, still in every sector the salaries grow 4% till 9% compared to 2008 (median of growth per individual person). Cumulative paid salaries exceeding the prime minister level grows in 6 out of 9 sector, when compared to 2008.

Download poster and data

To share my insights and stimulate the use open data, you can download the poster and data. The poster is published under Creative Commons License. You are encouraged to share, use and distribute the poster in any way you like, as long as you mention as the source.

Download poster as PDF document (8,0MB)

Download poster as PNG image (914KB)

Note: English translation of this poster not yet available.

Download the data I did use to create the poster. This data is my transformation of the original data published by Dutch government.

WOPT report 2008 as CSV

WOPT report 2009 as CSV

WOPT report 2008 and 2009 as XLS

3 Responses to Tax paid salaries

  1. Dirk Jan says:

    Great graph! So chairmans of healthcare centers are getting the most of our taxmoney for what in return? I would be interested in a drill down of top 3 functions per sector, this could bring some more insight to what these people are doing for their, of course, hard earned dutch tax money.

  2. cs:go says:

    Love the site– extremely individual pleasant and whole lots to see!

  3. I adore this website – its so usefull and helpfull

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