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World in need of water: interactive visualization and game

The world is in need of water: nature, human, animals… we all need water to survive. For World Water day, March 22 2011, I created this interactive visualization and infotainment game. The interactive map and scatterplot enable you to explore … Continue reading

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Ecological footprint and biocapacity

Much of the discussion on finite global resources has focused on the depletion of non-renewable resources, such as petroleum. It is increasingly evident that renewable resources, and the ecosystem services they provide, are also at great or even greater risk. … Continue reading

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Easy interactive data visualization with Choosel

Looking for an easy way for visual data analysis? Take a moment to meet Choosel. Last week I discovered Choosel, a tool for visual data exploration. Upload your data set and within a couple of mouse clicks you have a … Continue reading

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Animation: when Facebook beats Google

Watch how this animation chart shows how the corporate publicity of Google and Facebook do change over time. In 2008 Google celebrates it’s 10th anniversary and is the big winner. A year later the spectacular user growth of Facebook boosts corporate publicity. Continue reading

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New view on tax paid salaries (Balkenendenorm)

Great data visualization which shows how your tax is spent on top salaries. Uses image bubble chart to get you insights within seconds (instead of reading boring data tables). Prachtige visualisatie van publiek gefinancierde salarissen boven de Balkenendenrom, het salaris van de minister president. De image bubble chart geeft in enkele seconde inzicht. Continue reading

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Interactive data journalism by newspapers

British newspaper the Guardian is very active in data journalism. Last month they published this “Comprehensive spending review: you make the cuts”. The coalition says it must slash billions from public spending to tackle the UK’s growing budget deficit. George … Continue reading

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