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Animation: when Facebook beats Google

Watch how this animation chart shows how the corporate publicity of Google and Facebook do change over time. In 2008 Google celebrates it’s 10th anniversary and is the big winner. A year later the spectacular user growth of Facebook boosts corporate publicity. Continue reading

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Big Brother is watching your telecom use.

Found this press report showing the results of research on how often “Big Brother” asks telecom providers for the details on phone calls made by individual subscribers. The graph shows the differences between European countries. This is a so called … Continue reading

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Video: presentation on data visualization

Watch this TED talk on the beauty of data visualization by David McCandless. The talk was given in July 2010 at TED Global Oxford. You can find and watch more of David’s work on his site. David, thanks for to … Continue reading

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Which jobs are paid by your tax?

Update: click here for complete project release. Interested in where your tax money goes? Just finished the first preview of an upcoming collection of visualizations on public paid slaries in Holland. This picture shows the public paid salaries, in case … Continue reading

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